When we created the Whatsapp group, with over 25 young people from different cultures and some of the Luxemburgish living abroad, most hadn't met in person. I decided to launch the first challenge: the wake-up pictures, to portray that face we don't usually want others to see. They were asked to take the images using their phones' standard -not the frontal- camera, to avoid controlling their appearance. It was an immediate success. Almost every morning, someone, including myself, posted a wake-up picture and said, "Good morning people". Sharing that intimacy was like waking up together, and we got closer. This continued for several weeks. Then I launched the emotions challenge, which was a difficult one: most of them took the pictures but didn't share them until the end, but the shared pictures had a truly remarkable impact on all of us. -- Extract from the catalogue text by Cristina Nuñez